Water Soluble CBD Powder (WSP)

Key Advantages of WSP*

  • Innovated Technology / Proprietary Formula / Product Differentiation
  • WSP is Easily Instantized in Liquid Forming Cannabinoids, CBD Natural Micelles
  • Micelle Formation is Essential For Absorption of Fat-Soluble Cannabinoids
  • WSP CBD Natural Micelle’s are Formed Immediately (<100 nm particle size)
  • WSP Technology Mimics the Body’s Natural Micelle Formation
  • WSP Natural Micelles Enhance Bioavailability of CBD Active up to 9-fold
  • WSP Can be Easily Flavored (orange, chocolate, mint, mixed berry)
  • WSP is a Cost Effective Active / Dose
  • WSP Formula Prevents Oil/Water Phase Separation
  • WSP Increases Stability of Actives/Improved Shelf-Life
  • WSP Ingredients have GRAS/Self-Affirmed GRAS Status

Hemp derived micelle formation is essential for the emulsification and subsequent
absorption of fat-soluble nutrients including cannabinoids, CBD. These fat-based nutrients within the micelles are absorbed thru the walls of the enterocytes entering the human body.

Key Advantages of our Water Soluble Technology (WST)

Higher Absorption Rates: Our WST encapsulates fat-based nutrients. This results in higher absorption rates through the walls of the enterocytes found in the small intestine.

Stability: Our WST improves the stability of the lipid-based active ingredients, such as cannabinoids, after conversion to a liquid or powder-based form. The result is a longer shelf-life, due to the elimination of potential phase separation.

Not pH Sensitive: Our WST allows our nano-liquids and powders to maintain efficacy in an acidic or alkaline environment.

Temperature: Our WST allows our nano-liquids and powders to withstand high temperatures, including heat from pasteurization. 

Versatility: Our WST allows our nano-CBD to absorb in water or lipids, which means it is also functional when added to products other than liquids, such as cosmetics.

Concentration: Our WST allows a larger payload of functional fatty acids, thus eliminating the problem of dosage limitation for many functional ingredients.


Nanoemulsions are defined as oil-in-water emulsions with droplet sizes typically in the range of 100-500nm. DouleuRx™ nanoemulsions are in the range of 10-50nm. A properly nanoemulsified formula is transparent and has no odor. In recent years, academic institutions and for-profit businesses have been researching nanoemulsions due to their ability to improve the oral bioavailability of water-insoluble compounds, which in our case is CBD. Nanoemulsification technology shows promise to radically improve drug-delivery systems and increase efficacy in a wide range of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and functional-food products.

Key advantages of nanoemulsions

  1. Enhance nutrient absorption
  2. Solubilize hydrophobic ingredients
  3. Mask potentially disagreeable taste and odor