A Proprietary Process

DouleuRx™ uses a proprietary Water Soluble Technology (WST) to produce one of the most effective CBD formulas available today. Our proprietary process – created by one of the leading CBD scientists in the United States – addresses the challenges faced by the nutraceutical, nutricosmetic, and functional foods industries; namely how to enable the maximum amount of CBD to be absorbed into the body. This is important because the more CBD that is absorbed into the bloodstream, the more effective the CBD will be. The WST that we implement has been tested to produce one of the highest levels of bioavailability of functional ingredients in the industry. This ultimately means that products that carry the DouleuRx brand are more effective and deliver on what they promise.

Our nanoemulsions offer significantly more bioavailability than conventional CBD oil. By encapsulating the water-insoluble ingredients, we can produce a formulation that is fast-acting, safe and exceptionally bioavailable. A multitude of studies have shown the bioavailability of orally administered CBD oils to be low. However, when CBD liquid is prepared using a nanoemulsion, oral bioavailability can be improved up to 800%.


DouleuRx WST Advantages:

Higher Absorption Rates: Our WST encapsulates fat-based nutrients. This results in higher absorption rates through the cell walls of the small intestine.

Stability: Our WST improves the stability of the lipid-based active ingredients, such as cannabinoids, after conversion to a liquid or powder-based form. This eliminates concerns about phase separation and provides a longer shelf-life.

Not pH Sensitive: Our WST enables nano-liquids and powders to maintain efficacy in either an acidic or alkaline environment.

Temperature: Our WST enables nano-liquids and powders to withstand high temperatures, including heat from pasteurization. 

Versatility: Our WST allows our nano-CBD to completely dissolve into and be absorbed by water or lipids. This also has implications for the use in products other than liquids, such as cosmetics or sun screens.

Concentration: Our WST allows a larger payload of functional fatty acids, thus eliminating the problem of dosage limitation for many functional ingredients.

About Nanoemulsions

Nanoemulsions are defined as oil-in-water emulsions with droplet sizes typically in the range of 100-500nm. DouleuRx nanoemulsions are in the range of 10-50nm. A properly nanoemulsified formula is transparent and has no odor. In recent years, academic institutions and for-profit businesses have been researching nanoemulsions due to their ability to improve the oral bioavailability of water-insoluble compounds, which in our case is CBD. Nanoemulsification technology shows promise to radically improve drug-delivery systems and increase efficacy in a wide range of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and functional-food products.

Nanoemulsion Advantages

  1. Enhance nutrient absorption
  2. Solubilize hydrophobic ingredients
  3. Mask potentially disagreeable taste and odor

Why is Nanoemulsification Important

DouleuRx’s water-soluble liquid is a nanoemulsion produced to provide the maximum stability, efficacy and potency.

Numerous studies have shown CBD to have low bioavailability when administered in conventional oil form. CBD is a hydrophobic substance and subsequently has poor water-solubility. In fact, numerous studies have shown that a large portion of orally administered CBD oil is excreted intact, meaning that humans reap little to no benefit from consuming the oil. Nanoemulsions that are prepared correctly have been shown to remain stable in the presence of gastric fluids and saliva, which results in highly effective nutrient delivery. This is one area where DouleuRx’s water-soluble liquid is uniquely effective when compared to the majority of CBD products on the market.


Nanoemulsified CBD oil is more efficient and cost-effective than conventional CBD oil. Dosages are more accurate because the formulation is pre-dissolved in water, making a water-soluble formula 80-90% bioavailable.

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