Water Soluble CBD Powder (WSP)

Key Advantages of WSP*



  • Innovated Technology / Proprietary Formula / Product Differentiation
  • WSP is Easily Instantized in Liquid Forming Cannabinoids, CBD Natural Micelles
  • Micelle Formation is Essential For Absorption of Fat-Soluble Cannabinoids
  • WSP CBD Natural Micelle’s are Formed Immediately (<100 nm particle size)
  • WSP Technology Mimics the Body’s Natural Micelle Formation
  • WSP Natural Micelles Enhance Bioavailability of CBD Active up to 9-fold
  • WSP Can be Easily Flavored (orange, chocolate, mint, mixed berry)
  • WSP is a Cost Effective Active / Dose
  • WSP Formula Prevents Oil/Water Phase Separation
  • WSP Increases Stability of Actives/Improved Shelf-Life
  • WSP Ingredients have GRAS/Self-Affirmed GRAS Status







Hemp derived micelle formation is essential for the emulsification and subsequent
absorption of fat-soluble nutrients including cannabinoids, CBD. These fat-based nutrients within the micelles are absorbed thru the walls of the enterocytes entering the human body.